Titans of Space


Titans of Space is a short guided tour of a few planets and stars, the point of which is to give the player a sense of scale of just how big these planets and stars are compared to each other. It's not meant to be realistic -- everything you see is shrunk down to 1 millionth of their actual size.

Although the tour is on rails, you can proceed through it at your own pace. There are merely five things you can do during the tour:

1. Look around

2. Zoom in on things

3. Read the tour guide panel in front of you

4. Rotate a planet or moon (if the option is available)

5. Proceed to next tour stop whenever you're ready

Options and config are available during the tour by hitting Escape.

Titans of Space has been translated into 9 other languages so far -- translations are available at http://www.titansofspace.net.

A 5-year-old computer will probably work OK on lowest quality setting. If your system is closer to this than the recommended system requirements, choose "Oculus RIft - Slow PC" when starting up.

A Nvidia GTX 680 runs at 160-200FPS, and drops to maybe 120FPS at the most intense part. If your system is closer to this than the minimum system requirements, choose "Oculus Rift - Fast PC" when starting up.

Run the executable, choose the highest resolution your system can handle (1920x1080 or 1920x2000 highly recommended for now to take advantage of hardware downsampling), and choose the appropriate quality setting. (There's no wrong answer, the app will adjust the quality dynamically as long as you have Vsync off.)

See the Setup Notes at http://titansofspace.net/ for more information on things like translations and custom music.


3rd-Party Unity Assets:

Carlos Wilkes (Space Graphics Toolkit)

Catlike Coding (Textbox)

Ray Larabie (font)

Jasper Stocker (CameraPath)

3rd-Party Graphic Content:



Steve Albers

James Hastings-Trew

Phil Stooke

Bjorn Jonsson

Fridger Schrempp

Runar Thorvaldsen

John van Vliet

3rd-Party Audio Content:

Jon Hillman (@ Unity asset store)

QuietAndy (@ freesound.org)

Royal (@ freesound.org)

artifact (@ freesound.org)


Nathan Grant

Legal Information

Free to use and distribute, but may not be used for commercial purposes without permission of developer.

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